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Kailh Box Switches

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Image of Kailh Box Switches

A popular new addition to the mechanical keyboard switch market, the Kailh box switches are known for their satisfying tactility and smoothness.

These switches feature translucent case tops to allow greater LED light diffusion across your board and are noted as having very smooth and less scratchy operation than counterparts.

This buy is for packs of 120 or 70 switches, enough for a full size keyboard, or even 2 smaller projects! If you need a custom amount, send over an email and you will be quoted a price.

White – Clicky, 50g - SOLD OUT
Black – Linear, 60g
Red – Linear, 45g
Brown – Tactile, 45g
Pale Blue – Clicky, 70g
Burnt Orange - Tactile, 70g