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UKKeycaps Switch Tester Jumbo

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Image of UKKeycaps Switch Tester Jumbo
  • Image of UKKeycaps Switch Tester Jumbo

The UKKeycaps Switch Tester Pro allows you to test drive a variety of switches so that you can decide upon your favourite for your next board. Also great as a desk toy!

The pro tester features the following 24 switches:

Cherry MX: Black/Red/Blue/Brown/Green/Grey/White/Clear
Gateron: Black/Red/Blue/Brown
Kailh Box: Black/Red/White/Brown
Zealios: 78g/67g/65g/62g/Tealios
Razer: Green/Orange

The plate of the tester is a single block of acrylic which provides a firm base. The switch tester includes translucent keycaps, so that you can see which switch you are testing during use.

The switches are removable and therefore can be substituted for other switches.